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Volunteers Needed
for Socializing & Cleaning
at Petsmart locations in Williamsville NY & Orchard Park NY  
Fosters act as the bridge between what was and what can be. They are the pathway to a new life. You will know them by sight, because they are made of mush. Their hearts melt when they see the animals, matted and sore, limping, depressed, lonely, unwanted, and afraid to love. For a little time these homeless creatures are theirs. The kittys are fed with the foster's own hands. They are loved with a whole heart and the kittys in turn are made whole themselves.
But then the foster must be made of steel. The time comes when the kitty is well and sleek. When their eyes shine and their tails flick with joy. Now comes the hard part. They must let them go - not without a tear, but without a regret. For they are safe forever, and a new animal needs the foster now.
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Second Chance Wishlist

  • Dedicated volunteers to clean cages and socialize with cats/kittens at Petsmart
  • KMR or Mothers Helper Kitten formula
  • Canned/dry cat food (desperately needed)
  • Cat beds/cat furniture 
  • Laundry soap/bleach
  • 13 gallon drawstring tall kitchen bags
  • Humane traps for feral cat Ppogram
  • Office supplies / 28 lb. white paper
  • Paper towels 
  • Monetary donations
  • Foster homes